Jeffrey Vallis is a freelance writer and communications specialist living in Toronto.

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I’ve always thought I would be a good fit as a writer or producer for The Social team. But when I attended a live taping two weeks ago on Friday, April 27, I remembered exactly why. The energy, enthusiasm and excitement match who I am and what I’m looking for in a job. It helps that I love everything you do. I’m interested in the discussions, segments and guests—and I love the hosts!

I wanted to reach out directly and tell you exactly why I’d be a good fit as a writer or producer for The Social. Since I might be a tad biased, I thought my friends would be far more objective ;-). Watch this video to see a reel I put together of some of their observations of what I’m like. 

I love telling stories

As a freelance producer for CBC Radio One, I’ve done production work for several national radio programs. I recently followed a 70-year-old cancer patient as she chased her dreams all the way up the CN Tower. (Yes, I climbed it too—that’s how dedicated I am to my work.) I loved interviewing her and editing the piece to share her story with the world.

Before this, I created and ran a magazine that did exactly this—shone a light on the people and places that make Winnipeg such a special place. Sandbox magazine focused on fashion, lifestyle and culture in Winnipeg. We printed eight quarterly issues, produced 16 online editions and won several awards, including Best New Magazine in Western Canada. It was pretty legit, despite the fact that I paid for everything on my line of credit and we paid it all off by throwing killer release parties. I loved profiling people who were following their dreams and creating cool projects.

I’m an ideas machine

Not only do I bring passion and enthusiasm, but I am constantly coming up with unique ideas. As the editor of a magazine, I had to generate a ton of content and finding story gems was my favourite daily challenge. For CBC and Flare, I pitch and produce my pieces, and I often stumble across topics in my day and wonder how The Social hosts would toss them around the table.

Hire me tomorrow and here’s a couple of ideas that I would bring to the story meeting for daily discussion topics: 

  • Rita Ora released a new single with Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX and Cardi B called “Girls,” describing her bicurious fantasies about drinking wine and kissing girls. Lesbian musician Hayley Kiyoko described the new song as “tone deaf," writing on Twitter, “A song like this just fuels the male gaze while marginalizing the idea of women loving women.” What do you think? Does this song do more harm than good for the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Researchers at the University of Toronto have built new wearable technology called Q Sun. The small device clips to a shirt or accessory and tracks sun exposure, warning you when you’re at risk of receiving a sunburn. Would you clip this to your bathing suit this summer if it will help you avoid a burn?
  • This weekend, NBC announced they would pick up comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine after Fox cancelled it just one day prior. This seems to be a trend, with networks poaching cancelled series from one another (i.e., American Idol from Fox to ABC). Should we leave well enough alone and learn to just say goodbye to series that have run their course?

I’ve got skills for days

I believe my best skill is helping other people share their story. I love meeting people, learning about their stories, and helping shine a light on some of the incredible people and work in our communities.

My university program was a hands-on, multi-disciplinary communications program in Winnipeg called Creative Communications, where I learned journalism, public relations, advertising and media production. I can honestly say I’ve put all of those skills to good use since graduating over 10 years ago. 

In my role as a communications officer with PSAC, I wrote web stories, edited videos, designed print materials, managed media relations and handled social media. My recent foray into freelance work has seen me handling publicity for the Toronto International Film Festival, building websites for small businesses, overseeing social media for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and writing articles for publications like Flare. (A recent story was about polyamory, which seems to be increasingly common, especially in the gay community.)

I love the show


It sparks conversation, it connects people, it brings a community together and it makes people happy. I love that the hosts are so smart and skilled that they can go from conversations about racial profiling to which side of the bed they sleep on, seamlessly. I love the friendship and camaraderie of the hosts. Even if they disagree on a topic, they still listen to each other’s perspective and show each other respect. When something big happens, I turn on The Social looking to hear what the ladies have to say about it. I value their opinions and look forward to their take on the issues of the day.

As a Prairie boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who’s lived in Montreal, and now calls Toronto home, I also love how it unites the country over gab. I’m gay and Métis and I know this country is stronger because of our differences, but I think it’s our similarities and cohesion that will continue to propel us forward together. I’d love to be part of a team and a show that brings people together every day.

Call me if you want to chat or #HireJeffreyVallis.