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Thoughts and reflections on my life and work.

Thoughts and reflections on my life and work.

Donate your #Points4Charity


Last year, I was in line at Loblaws behind a young couple that had a full cart of non-perishable food items.

“Are you doing some holiday baking?” The cashier asked them.
“No. It’s for the food hamper,” the woman replied.

Sure enough, as the cashier scanned the items, the woman and her partner carried them over to the food donation box near the checkout. When all the groceries were scanned—totaling nearly $300—they purchased everything with their PC Plus points, paying the difference out of pocket.

What a revelation! I never bothered to collect PC Plus points, even though Chris and I shop there twice a week. It seemed like too much of a hassle to retrieve the “offers to earn points” and to only receive points for those items, rather than the overall amount spent. But if there was ever a good reason to collect, this was it.

I found this idea so inspiring that I immediately signed up for a points card. We saved up our points all year—earning almost $250 in rewards—and today we went to Superstore to do the same!

We chose items that people don't necessarily need, but are always nice to have, and that other people might not think to donate, such as pickles, mayonnaise, cookies, olive oil, oatmeal, peanut butter, ketchup, chunky soup, canned corn, and Alphagetti.

We donated the food to St. Mark’s United Church to contribute to the sixty Christmas hampers they prepared for local families in and around Whitby, Ontario.


The feeling this gave us was worth so much more than receiving $10 off our grocery purchase from time-to-time throughout the year. Next year, I'm going to call a couple of local charities in advance to find out the most needed/requested items to help us with our shopping and ensure we get the most bang for our buck!

Who else is going to try this next year? It doesn't have to be PC Plus points. Try this with any loyalty program and donate your #Points4Charity.